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Book of Durrow & 
Book of Lindisfarne
  • The Book of Durrow
  • Ksi?ga z Durrow Book of Durrow (Polish)
  • Lindisfarne Gospels
  • Book of Kells
  • The symbol of St John - the Eagle, The Arrest of Christ.
  • Book of Kells Official Site.
  • Book of Kells Images (the beginning of St Matthew's Gospel,  Second beginning of Matthew,  The beginning of St John's Gospel.)
  • The Magnificent Book of Kells
  • Celtic Clip Art 
  • Celtic Clip Art Links
  • Celtic Knotwork Design (Bradley W. Schenck)
  • Free Celtic Clip Art from Ireland.
  • Lyall's Celtic Clip Art Collection
  • Irish Art
  • Ireland and the Phallic Continuum 
  • Misc Art Links
  • The World Of Celtic Art
  • Other Manuscripts
  • Deer's Cry
  • Celtic Fonts
  • Celtic Fonts
  • Turetype Fonts by Curtis Clark

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