Celtic Reconstructionism, Organizations, festivals and Conferences
Celtic Reconstruction 
  • Aurrad: Old Faith in the Modern World
  • Celtic Connections (Vancouver, BC)
Celtic Organizations/
  • The Cateran Society
  • Celtic League, American Branch
  • Celtic League International
  • Celtic Learning Progect
  • Comunn Gàidhlig Astràilia (The Scottish Gaelic Association of Australia) 
  • Council of Scottish Clans
  • Cumann Merriman (In English and Gaelic)
  • The Fellowship of Celtic Traditionalists
  • Honourable Society of the Irish Brigade
  • International Celtic Congress
  • Offaly Historical and Archaeological Society
  • Southwest Celtic Music Association
  • Treubh Gealach Coille
Celtic Festivals
  • Celtic Festivals in (Washington) DC
  • Celtic Festivals Japan
  • Manx Yn Chruinnaght 
  • National Eisteddfod, Wales:
  • National Mod, Scotland
  • North Texas Irish Festivals
  • Pan-Celtic Festival - Trá Lí
  • Potomac Celtic Festival
  • Scottish and Celtic Festivals Worldwide
  • Tallahassee Florida Highland Games
  • Trigallia. The main door to celtic festivals and to the world of the celts. (In Italian)
  • Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu
Celtic Conferences
  • Celtic Cultures: An Interdisplinary conference
  • Boston College Irish Studies Program
  • Celtic and Scottish Studies (University of Edinburgh)
  • Celtic Studies Programs
  • Guide to Irish Studies in the United States
  • School of Celtic Studies 
  • St Francis Xavier University Department of Celtic Studies.


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