Irish History Links
  • Brehon Law Project
  • The Brehons
  • Cead Míle Failte to Ancient Eire
  • Directory of Online Resources for the History of Ireland
  • The Geography of Ancient Ireland
  • Hill of Tara (To protect a Historical Site)
  • The History of Dublin: Longphort to Norman Invasion
  • Irish History and Beliefs
  • Irish History in Maps
  • Irish History Online
  • Irish History on the Web
  • Living Irish History
  • Map of Ireland showing the Counties and historical Providences
  • Medieval Sourcebook: Cain Adamnain: An Old-Irish Treatise on the Law of Adamnan
  • Shamrock
Individual Counties
  • History of Mayo on the West Coast of Ireland
Irish Christmas Links
  • Celtic Origins of Christmas
  • Christmas in Ireland
  • Irish Christmas Customs

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