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Book of Kells

Information about the Book of Kells

Official Site for the Book of Kells at Trinity College.

The Magnificent Book of Kells

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I would like to thank all these websites for providing me the Images for the manuscript pages.

The Symbols of the Gospels from the Book of Kells

Potrait of St Mark or St. Luke (Book of Kells)

The symbol of St John - the Eagle, The Arrest of Christ. (Book of Kells)

The beginning of St Matthew's Gospel,  Second beginning of Matthew,  The beginning of St John's Gospel. (Book of Kells)

Book of Durrow and Book of Lindisfarne

Page with Lion, Book of Mark, ornamental carpet (Book of Durrow), St. Matthew (Book of Lindisfarne)

Information about the Book of Durrow
Book of Durrow

Book of Durrow

Ksi?ga z Durrow Book of Durrow (Polish)


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