Other Modern Celtic Artists.

Artists are in alphabetical order by last name, with the exception when there is none, then it is by first name.

Rachel Arbuckle Alex Fantalov (150 mythological pictures) Lisa Laughy ~ NINTH WAVE DESIGNS Picti James MacKenzie- Summers
Michael Carroll Celtic Design   Celtic Corner (Alastair Luke) Peadar McDaid
The Colourworld of the Book of Kells (In German) Pat Fish Robin MacGrogan Brenda Roy

Courtney Davis

Amanda Fisher, portfolio site Ramona Mastin Bradley W. Schenck (Celtic Clip Art)
Lesley Davies


Mary & Mark Fleeson Cindy Matyi Ruth Thompson

Jen Delyth (Celtic Designs)

Vítor González Sara & Andrew Mc Murray-Day (Celtic Moon Design) Michael Tingle
Chris Down Rab Gordon ~ Rainnea Graphics Aidan Meehan John Urban
Gareth Duncan (Duncan House) Lorien Transformations by David James Freelance (Howard Oliver) Stephen Walker
  The Turning Wheel - the Celtic Art of Paul Kavanagh Steve O'Loughlin Art of the Celt (Leigh Whetter)
  Bridgitte Wolf


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