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(3/21/18) Site back online after some downtime.

(11/23/17) Updated Irish, Welsh Language.

(11/12/17) Updated Irish, Welsh language

(7/22/16) Updated Irish Language

(5/19/16) Updated Irish Language. Have a good summer! No updates planned in the summer. Although I may remove deadlinks.

(5/11/16) Updated Journals and Irish Language.

(5/7/15) Updated Irish Language

(3/4/15) Updated Galicia History, Manx Language.

(2/26/12) Updated: Added links to Celtic Christianity, Modern Celtic Artists, Irish History

(1/14/11) I am experiencing some difficulties with my computer. As soon as it's fixed I will begin updating again.

(11/13/09) Updated Irish Languages, added links to approval page. Taking a break for Yule to work on book promotion.. See you in January.

(11/8/05) Updated Irish Literature, Irish Languages, Added Links to "Items to be approved and catalogued"

(9/4-5/05) I've been spending the summer promoting my book, so I haven't done any updates (Although I do not usually update this site in the summer) Today I added links to Irish Language, Celt Mythology, multi language resources and general language resources. I updated a linking in Other Modern Celtic Artists.

(5/16/05) Removed Dead Links, added new links to Celtic Gods

(5/1/05) Due to time constraints (Namely this: Fat Chicks Rule) I will be updating this site about once a month around the first Sunday of the month. Happy Beltane! I've removed dead links and added a new link to Celtic Music and Other Modern Celtic Artists.

(2/13/05) Updates Irish Language links, General Language links and Celtic Music)

The general scheduled updates of this site will be on Sundays. I devote about an hour to the site per week. So please be patient if you have e-mailed me and haven't heard a response.

(2/5/05) Updated Celtic Reconstruction, index page and Irish language

(11/18/04) Updated Irish and Celtic Music and Dance.

(8/22/04) Slight summer break to credit artwork that had previously been uncredited.

(8/1/04) I would just like to remind visitors that I do not update the site in the summer.

(5/15/04) Added Living Irish History to Irish History.

(5/8/04) Added http://www.druidcircle.net/ to Druids page.

(5/1/04) Happy Beltane! Added Scottish Internet Radio to Scottish Gaelic Resources

(4/11/04) Happy Easter and Passover, Removed dead links from Irish, Breton, Scottish, Modern, Dieties, Cornwall literature

(4/3/04) Removed dead links from Cornish, Irish Ogham, Welsh, Cornish.

(3/27/04) Removed dead Links from Celtic Reconstructionism, Scottish Gaelic, Breton,

(3/21/04) Removed dead links from Celtic Religion. Added new link to Irish History.

(3/6/04) Removed dead links from Celtic Directories.

(3/2/04) Removed Dead links from Celtic Music and Dance

2/24/04) I am having some problems with the new computer (this is what happens when a chaos person builds you a computer) so updates will be sporadic. However I removed dead links from Celtic Journals.

(2/21/04) Removed dead links from Art links, Faery links,

(2/16/04) Removed Dead links from Galicia, Spain archaeology. Irish History, General Links,

Added new links:


(2/7/04) Updated Index Page and removed dead links from Archeaology page. I would be doing small updates every Saturday.

(2/2/04) I am still doing my project, but I will start doing up dates soon.  I had no computer for four months.

Update Log (2/18/03) I have been given a book project to do.  It will be consuming all my time. I will add sites e-mailed to me, but I will not longer doing comprehensive updates or e-mail questions.

(7/26/03) Other Modern Celtic Artists, Deities, Journals.  I have decided that once a week I will be doing dead link removal.  Removed dead links from Archaeology

(7/11/03) Celtic Directories

(7/6/03] Other Celtic Artists; Art Links (I have a three week break from my book)

(1/21/03) Added links to Music

(1/18/03) New Journal  √Čigse: A Journal of Irish Studies,  Added three new links to Irish History about the Irish History of Christmas.

(1/12/03) Added five new links to Celtic Music.  Updated About page!

(12/14/02) I will be taking a break for Yule.  I am finally on High speed (yea!) and starting in January I will be going back to regular updates (I.e. adding sites and beefing up the library).

(12/14/02) Removed dead links from Directories and Misc Sites, and Reconstructionism, Organizations and Festivals.

(12/4/02) Removed dead links for Celtic Music and Dance, Celtic Christianity (Added St. Patrick and St. Brigid Links), Celtic  Shamanism (Added 2 new links), Faery Religion, Celtic Neopaganism, General Celtic Religion, Wicca.

(11/29/02) Removed dead links from British, Irish, General, Scottish, Welsh, Cornwall Literature, Celtic Gods, Modern Celtic Inspired Literature.  Added two links to Celtic Festivals. (Southwest Celtic Music Association and North Texas Irish Festival)

(11/23/02) Celtic Journals removed dead links.

(11/16/02) Removed dead links at General Celtic History, Irish History
Updated Celtic History (Fixed font, added descriptor)

(11/9/02)Removed dead links at  Celtic Jewelry, Crosses (Graphics), Christianity, Clip Art, Borders, Squares, faery Links (added two new links), Other Modern Celtic Artists.  Fix home page links for Patrick Gallagher, Chesca Potter,

(11/2/02) Removed dead links from Archaeology and Manuscript Art.  Added new links for the Book of Durrow and The Book of Lindisfarne.

(10/5/02) I'm back.  Added webrings, fix index, updated Directories.

(6/27/02) No Updates for the summer. I'm off!! :-)  Updates will start again in the fall.  I will checking my e-mail weekly, I will still add your site over the summer.

(6/16/02) Galicia History, Other Celtic Artists, Welsh Language, General History, Celtic Organizations.

(6/8/02) Irish History, Archaeology, Ogham, General Religion.

(5/30/02) Art Links, Welsh History, Irish History, Druids

(5/25/02) Scottish History, Celtic Directory, Celtic Music, Celtic Journals.

(4/22/02) Irish Literature, Music, Welsh Literature, Fixed bullets in Welsh Lit Page, Celtic Reconstuctionism, Shamanism, Celtic History in Other countries, Clip art, stone art, Main Page

(3/31/02)  Scottish Gaelic, Archaeology, Irish History, Irish Literature, Other Celtic History.

(3/24/01) Modern Celtic Literature, About, Manx Language, Other Language Resources, Faery Religion.

(3/17/02) Other Modern Artists, Irish History, Irish Archaeology, Celtic Music Dance, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Main Page, added one new webring.

(3/9/02) Borders, art links, Schools, General Language, Directories, Journals, Scottish Language.

(2/16/02) Druids, Crosses, General Religion, British Literature (fixed font), Directories.

Happy Lunar New Year!!

(2/6/02) Cornish Language, Celtic Christian, Welsh Lit, About, Art links

(1/26/02) Redid the entire history page to give individual categories their own pages (New Page: Irish History, Religious History, Wales, General, Other Countries, Scottish, Galicia)
New Links: Cornish Language, Welsh Language, Druids, General.

(1/19/02) Updated and Organized Artlinks, Added a new Modern Artist's page, Irish History, Irish Myth, Modern Celtic Artists, About, Deities, Fae links, Directories.

(1/13/02) Small update.  Just got a whole slew of links to sort.  Instead of adding ten this week, I will be sorting these.  I cross linked Celtic journals with the pages they are connected too (i.e. Celtic History journals were cross linked to the History page).

(1/5/02) Created a reference page, Other Modern Celtic Artists, Organizations, Schools, History (Ireland, Brittany), added Ogham Page, Welsh Language, Faery links, Myths


(12/24) General Myth, History, Site map, Festivals

(12/19) Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Cornish, History, Journals, Manx, Directories

(12/13) Celtic Archaeology, Druids, Festivals

(12/8) Irish Literature, Celtic Jewelry, Main page (added two new webrings), Irish Language, Faery Religion, Image Links, Reconstructionism

(12/1) Irish Mythology.  New Pages!! Art Links, Celtic Jewelry, Directories, History, Main Page (added new webring), Archaeology, Fix some spelling errors (ain't that embarrassing!)

(11/25) About, Irish Language, Druidism, History, Organizations

(11/13) Irish Language, Modern Celtic Artists, Celtic Shamanism, Welsh Literature, Directories

(11/12) Celtic Christianity

(11/10):  Scottish Language, Webrings, Archaeology, Celtic Lit/Myth (Ireland, Deities), Journals, directories, Organizations, About

(11/3):  Scottish Language, Webrings

Happy Samhain!

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