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Creation Date: October 1999.

Originally the Celtic Digital Library was created as a prototype library by Lara Lasner of Queens College's Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences, Digital Library, GSLIS 790.2, Prof. Colleen Cool.  The course is over and I'm still working on it.  This project received an A.  (Plus I received an A in the course.)  Except when stated, (c) Lara Lasner.  Please consult site links to artists found here for copyright and use information.

This library is always developing.

Mission Statement

The Celtic Digital Library is currently being created to provide the most comprehensive access to digital links, artwork and information about both the Celts of 400BC to 1500AD and Celtic Reconstruction /resurgence of today.  The Celtic Digital Library's first priority is to provide easy access to all who use it, whether it be the scholar, the student or just someone interested.  Its intended audience are members of the general public who are interested in information about the Celts and need basic starting points.

The Celtic Digital Library will adhere its principles of providing easy access by using an easy to follow format with many accessible ways to find information.  It will also provide the simplest design so that it can be accessed by all types of interfaces.

Currently access to the materials found on the Celtic Digital Library can only be found by browsing and by a site map. However, to adhered to it's principles, a search engine will be added once the library is developed

The goal of this site is to collect as many Celtic links and art as possible and organize them into an easy to use format.

Every week, I will be adding 5 sites minimum and maintaining one page.


The library is developed into 10 sections and a bibliography.

Section 1 Celtic Archaeology- This section will divided by: Countries, articles, timelines, general and misc.

Section 2. The Celtic Art Library is divided in half, One half is devoted to the original Celts (Pagan and Christian Celts) and that will further divided into three categories: Manuscripts (of the Christian Celts), Jewelry/Pottery,  and Stone art.  The other half of the library is also divided into three.  The first is Clip art, which is divided into categories of style.  Modern Celtic Artists essentially have a page devoted to each artist and links to artists who artwork due to copyright reasons are only links.  Finally Faery art is one page with examples of faery art.

Section 3. Celtic History - This section is divided by countries, articles, general, timelines and misc.

Section 4 Celtic Journals The Journal library will be divided by category and there is a separate page for an alphabetical listing of journals.

Section 5 The Celtic Language Library will be divided by language.

Section 6 The Celtic Literature/Myth Library will divided by countries, modern literature and general resources.

Section 7 Celtic Music/Dance is divided by bands and singers, programs and resources.

Section 8 Celtic Religion is divided by religions and general resources.

Section 9 Directories lists sites whose sole purpose is to provide a directory to different Celtic sources.  This can also include syllabi.

Section  10 Reconstructionism, Organizations and Festivals  are divided by these categories.  If festivals or organizations grows too large they will be divided by place.

The bibliography is divided by categories and books placed in each section are recommended and had been read by me for that section.  One section has no bearing on the other (for example, a book recommended for Celtic Wicca may not be historically accurate, but is a good book for those interested in Celtic Wicca, hence it would be in the religion section).


To Jon Frater and Maxime for their constructive criticism.

Thanks to Dr. Colleen Cool of Queens College

Lynne Altstatt.

Thanks to the following non Celtic Websites
Open Directory Project
Virtual Library
Copernic (Link coming soon)
Betterbox.net.  Cheap hosting.

Programs used in designing this Website.

Netscape Composer
LView Pro Image Processor
Paint Shop Pro

Collection Development

This library is a general reference source about the Celts.  Though, it can be used for the scholar, not all websites are scholarly in nature.  I am trying my best to evaluated each site and put in an area where it is easily accessible.   This is however based on my knowledge of the Celts.  (see the about me section.)  If you feel that I have made an error, please e-mail and I will look into it.  I am not an expert in the field.  I am just doing the best I can. I take constructive criticism for the library, but nasty e-mails get thrown away.

I take complete responsibility for anything written on this website.  Some of the areas of the website, such as Celtic Religion and Reconstuctionism may contain links to faulty information.  Modern Celtic Religion is often open to different interpretations, some of which I feel are too far fetched..  However, I feel it would be biased if I did not include religious groups because I disagreed with them.  This is the reason I may include sites of religion groups and traditions that may have be factually inaccurate.   Some may believe they are not really "Celtic" but I take a much liberal approach to the matter and usually will list the sites unless I feel they are too far fetched.  The library is a place to find a difference of opinion.

Also because they allowed me to use their artwork, I have links to Celtic Artists sites.  Often they are selling their artwork.  Some links may contain ads and merchandise they are selling.  I do not endorse these stores.

About Me.

I'm a Librarian with an additional MA in Education and a BA in English.  I've been interested in Celtic Culture for about 6 years.  Although this digital library was created for my Digital Library Course, I've always been interested in creating a comprehensive Celtic website.  The way this web site is created is the same way I write.  I like to make a basic layout and then slowly add details.  I work full time which is why updates only occur about once a week.

Thanks to the Following Sites

I would like to thank the following sites for leading me to many sites that are located here and other sites that aren't Celtic but carried my link.

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Note: This site is non-for-profit.  I do this in hopes of providing a service.  I don't make money off it.  If any money is to be made it will be to pay for the server.


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