Welsh Literature
The Book of Aneurin
  • About Y Gododdin (poem from book of Anuerin)
  • Y Gododdin
The Book of Taliesin
  • The Book of Taliesin
Black Book of Caermarthen
  • Black Book of Caermarthen
The Red Book of Hergest
  • Mabinogion
  • Legends of Camolot Mabinogion
  • Mabinogion (Translated by Charlotte Guest)
(See also British Literature)
Resources about Welsh Literature
  • Cyfarwyddyd: Welsh Tales and Foreign Adaptations
  • Early Welsh Poetry
  • King Arthur & the Matter of Britain
  • The Mesotomic Syllable in Old Welsh Poetry (PDF File)
  • Welsh Literature
  • Welsh Triads
  • Y Canu Cynnar (In Welsh, No English)
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